About Us

We have vast experience of designing 3D and 2D social and educational games, application software development, engineering automation, medical research and public health, digital image processing, infrastructure planning, and green building benchmarking.

Livelihood and education to millions are very challenging domains for emerging economies like India. There are about 100 million most deserving poor families in India who need urgent attention. With multidisciplinary expertise and experience, we have now entered into developing games for more demanding sectors like livelihood and education.

We convert number based data into easily understood and interesting interactive digital visual tools, mainly simulation games, interactive learning context and mix of the two.

With expertise in inventing, in- depth researching, conceptualizing, designing and developing serious educational and social cross platform games and simulation products we provide our clients innovative solution.

Yes, we are trending a new path. But with our legacy of our understanding about the society and the technology we have been researching and developing with social angle. Our profits are in bright eyes of those who deserve a dignity of life and their children a better future!!