Parag Mankeekar

paragDr. Parag Mankeekar’s education, interest and life experience form a powerful combination that has led to birth of Neeti Solutions and later on acquiring RealLives simulation game from Educational Simulations, USA, a concept that is currently at the leading edge of gaming for education. His college degree was in Medicine, followed by additional training in Anthropology, Public Health and Disaster Preparedness. He has worked with several social organizations, in India and abroad. He has also witnessed closely the impact of terrorism by living closely with terrorist groups as a young trying to understand how it impacts nations and lives of the common man. The vast experience in various fields and great ability of learning fast and going deep into the subject assisted by multitasking made him realize that reaching out to the world with evolving power of computers and internet can materialize the ideas that were evolving.

He was awarded with prestigious Ashoka Fellowship in 2008 and before that Erasmus Fellowship which allowed him to study in various distinguished universities in central Europe. While learning in Europe he met innovators and people with out of box abilities. One of the key to building up him was this gift of meeting people with extra ordinary capabilities.

After wandering in life for couple of years, meeting several leaders & genius people from various walks of life, working as a core team member to build 4 hospitals having unique business models, traveling extensively in India and abroad and experiencing social projects and researching in remote parts of India and sometimes with forest communities allowed him to witness first hand the distinctly different cultures and people, gradually drew him in the direction of running a IT product company Neeti Solutions and close to the power of simulation games. He is now applying his unique set of skills and cross-cultural experience to creating simulation games that evoke empathy and understanding. He can easily work in several cross cutting themes with his understanding about the people across the countries as well as in challenging domains like livelihoods, poverty alleviation, climate change, environment and other urgent global issues of 21st century.