Mera PM Kaun

This kind of online social media game is designed first time in India. Neeti conceptualized and designed this game in March 2014 on the theme of issue based choice of individual Indians to choose their Prime Minister in 2014 for next Five years.

While the country was preparing for 2014 elections, ‘Mera PM Kaun’ was launched, aimed at educating Indian voters about burning issues India was facing that time, and to empower them to express their views with their knowledge concerning these issues, while choosing the next Indian Prime Minister for next Five years, who can offer a stable, firm, effective and innovative solutions to these issues and drive India towards growth in 21st century.

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After researching the news, interviews and research data presented by various Indian television channels, online and print media during 2014 elections regarding probable next Prime Minister of India, a summary of research findings was prepared. This summary gave us a broad range of issues concerning 2014 elections, from which we zeroed upon 56 most burning issues .

This illustrated animated game allowed the player to view his/her choice of Prime ministerial candidate along with the choice of other players who had played the game till then.

We also studied this game to be used as an online Data Analysis tool for

analysing captured data to get insight into other domains. For instance, this analysis can be helpful to identify and understand, out of three candidates, who was considered to be the most capable for solving issues belonging to a particular category effectively by Indian voters.

You can play the game on :