RealLives – Online Version Launched @

RealLives is a unique, interactive life simulation game that enables you to live one of billions of lives in any country in the world. Through statistically accurate events, Real Lives brings to life different cultures, human geography, political systems, economic opportunities, personal decisions, health issues, family issues, schooling, jobs, religions, geography, war, peace, and more!


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Soon we will be releasing new version of RealLives titled ‘ RealLives Epiphany’. This cloud based version will be more visually interesting, more data rich, elaborate and interactive. It will provide players increased interactivity and greater learning experience through a closed social networking platform ‘ RealLivesTalkIN’. Players can express and exchange their views real time during the game play. Thus ‘Real Lives Epiphany’ will be for larger number and diverse category of players globally, to achieve its aim of building Empathy among people for a creating a better world to live.

RealLivesWorld – The online version of RealLives 2010

3 thoughts on “RealLives – Online Version Launched @

  1. When’s Epiphany being released? Loved 2010, it was so great and I can’t wait for the next one.

    1. Very soon.. can you tell more about you and also if possible why you liked reallives and what you liked? That will help us for sure..I don’t mind you writing a big email 🙂

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